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This new program is being established primarily to support the establishment of the new Student Membership category.  The New England AFP Student Membership was started in early 2016 to attract qualified business students who are currently enrolled at any accredited business school in New England who are interested in learning about careers and opportunities in the treasury and finance industry.  However, this Mentorship Program is open to anyone in the treasury field who is seeking a professional mentor who can provide periodic business advice and guidance.


Being a NEAFP Mentee is open to ALL members and non-members of New England AFP.  However all Mentees are encouraged to join New England AFP.    We define Mentees as being student members, prospective members, or any current member of New England AFP.  For example, a Mentee can be a current college student planning to enter the finance field or can be a corporate treasury professional who is seeking advice on advancing their treasury skills/career to a higher level.


A Mentor MUST be a NEAFP member in good standing (dues paid).


If you are a Mentor and decide at some point in time that you would like to be mentored by someone else, you can complete another survey and submit it to New England AFP to be matched with a Mentor.  Likewise, if you are a Mentee and would like to be a Mentor at some point in time, you can submit another survey.

GUIDELINES (This is not a contract!)

This invitation does not represent any legal contract, but rather describes the process and guidelines for those who are willing to participate on a volunteer basis.  In answering the survey questions, Mentors and Mentees will create a profile which will indicate their desired topics and frequency of interactions.  Answers to the survey will be used solely for the purpose of matching Mentors to Mentees.

WHAT IS New England AFP’s ROLE?

As this is a completely volunteer program, New England AFP is providing the means for matching up potential mentors and mentees.  New England AFP will tabulate the results of the surveys and, based on answers provided by Mentors and Mentees, New England AFP will provide to the Mentees the contact information of potential Mentors for them to reach out to.  At that point, the Mentees will be responsible for reaching out to those potential Mentors to establish whatever arrangement is mutually workable.  Again, this is an informal arrangement, entered into voluntarily.


The standard period of a Mentor/Mentee relationship will be one year, however, participation and commitment is by mutual arrangement and up to both Mentors and Mentees.   Mentees can re-submit a revised survey at any time.  Either the Mentor or the  Mentee can cease the arrangement at any time.  Professional behavior and courtesy is expected from both parties!


If this is something you would like to participate in, we hope you will complete the survey questionnaire and be part of  a powerful new member benefit to those in the New England AFP!


Request the survey to become a Mentor

Request the survey to become a Mentee