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Sessions are organized into tracks so you can create an experience to meet your business needs.
Mix and match your sessions to focus on your topic of choice.

In the current low rate environment, all of us face the challenge of effectively managing our funds. This track is designed to expand your knowledge of the opportunities that are available and also provides some tricks and traps.

101- Comparing New Investment Alternatives: Products and Strategies
102- Money Market Funds: Past, Present & Future
103- Fixed Income Alternatives in a Rising Rate Environment
104- A New Tool for Risk Mitigation 2.0: Incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues into the Investment Process
105- Seeking to Optimize Corporate Liquidity
106- How Exchange Traded Funds Work & Why Treasurers Should Care
108- Navigating the New Treasury Investing Environment
109- Short Corporate Ladders as an Effective Alternative for Corporate Treasurers
110- Economic Forecast and its Impact on Corporate Treasury Priorities

 Not unique to the world of treasury management, these professional development sessions are offered to provide insight into dealing with the daily challenges we all face.

801- The Value of Networking: Three Perspectives

802- Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce: From Boomers to Gen Z
803- For Public Speaking and Presentation – It’s the Six P’s! Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
804- 5 Leadership Principles that Create a Leadership Culture‎ - Are you making good choices?

 Achieving the goals of corporate finance require that any corporate investment be financed appropriately. In general, this can be divided into long-term and short-term decisions and techniques. This track is designed for the experienced treasury professional and deals with capital investment decisions that are long-term choices: about which projects receive investment, whether to finance that investment with equity or debt, and when or whether to pay dividends to shareholders vs. stock buyback. On the other hand, the short-term decisions can be grouped under the working capital management, which focuses on managing cash and short-term borrowing and lending.
301- The Strategic Treasurer: Adapting to an Increasingly Complex World

303- The New Essentials: Big Data, Biometrics, and Everything In Between

304- Digital Transformation: Is it keeping you up at night?

305- Current Trends in Supply Chain Finance – Using SCF to Create Working Capital

306- Treasury: A Partner in Expansion for Growth

307- Whose Working Capital is it Anyway?

308- Channel the Change: Get Ready for the New Hedge Rules!

309- Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of KPI Reporting
This track is designed exclusively for treasury and finance executives, such as a treasurer, chief financial officer, vice president of finance, controller, assistant treasurer or treasury manager. This track’s focus is on strategic and current high-impact issues.

701- Treasury Maturity and the Impact of Exponential Technology

702- eTrade White Board Meeting re Blockchain

703- Women in Treasury: Why your Business Needs More Women in the Boardroom and How You Can Help Make that Happen

704- Back to the Drawing Board - Economic Lessons from This Week

705- Global Policy Outlook
706- Private Equity 101
707- Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the Production State of Play
708- Cyber Crime - No Company is Immune - No Matter What Size
 With the dramatic changes that have occurred in the international realm, this track is designed to be of interest to any company with dealings overseas.

601- Interpreting Geopolitical Risk in the Context of your Business and Profiting from It

602- Best Practices in Netting Global Risk & Payments

603- The Power of Fully-Optimized Corporate FX
604- Globalizing your Treasury Operation

605- Centralizing Treasury in a Decentralized World

606- The Pains of the B2B Cross-Border Payments Experience
 This track covers the latest in payment products, solutions and technology from relevant and timely speakers.

501- Bitcoin: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

502- Cybersecurity is about People, not Technology

503- How Millennials are Changing the Payments Landscape: Paperless Business-to-Consumer Experience

504- Sharpening your Focus on Smarter Receivables

506- Continuing the Payables Automation Journey
507- The Best-Laid Plans: Optimizing Straight-through Payables and Receivables

508- Payment Innovation Leveraging Faster Payments: What’s Next?

509- Real Time Payments, more than just a new payment type

510- The Future of ACH is Here – Using and Enhancing Same Day

511- Payments 2018: Global, Faster, Secure, Done!

512- RDC, Wire and ACH, Oh My! Risk Assessments Across Payment Channels

513- Understanding & Optimizing Interchange

514- The Future is Now- How Fintech's and Banks are Working Together to Help Global Treasury Teams Manage Cross Border Payments
This track is designed to help identify and assess (financial and/or operational) risk and how to develop strategies to manage it.

401- Take the Money and Run: Stopping Fraudsters in their Tracks
402- Interest Rate Risk: Changing the Game
403- BEC Scams and Mobile Banking Fraud – The Wild, Wild West of Financial Fraud

404- Update on SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP)

405- Recognizing the Critical Role of Hedging Global Operations’ Currency Risk
406- FX Forwards vs. Cross-Currency Swaps: A Fair Comparison?

407- Market-Test Your FX Hedging Strategy
408- Facing the New Faces of Fraud

409- An Open Discussion on Mitigating Liquidity Risk in a Globalized Age:Challenges & Horizons
These sessions are open discussions based on a single topic or issues related to a specific industry.

901- Practitioner Open Forum - What Do We Want from Our Banks?

902- Retail Roundtable

903- Healthcare industry Roundtable

904- Real Estate Industy Roundtable

905- Small Bank Roundtable

As new banking products and services are introduced to the financial markets, it impacts the day to day operations of the corporate treasury. This track provides the latest developments on checks, domestic/ international wire transfers, ACH transactions, control of bank accounts, and authorization/ account administration. It also offers how to negotiate contracts (RFPs) and monitor banking activity to ensure optimal pricing and consistent service levels.

201- Caring for Cash with Supply Chain Financing

202- Account Analyses: Starting Point for Good Bank Management

203- Effectively Managing Global Liquidity using Oracle Cloud

204- Do You See Your Banks as a Necessary Evil? Or as Your Trusted Partner?

205- Are Banks Becoming Interchangeable Vendors?

206- Cash Forecasting: Driving Value through Greater Transparency and Predictability

207- Digital Treasury: A Future-State Vision

208- TMS Implementation; Integration to Amplify Success

209- Efficiency and Effectiveness: The Ease of Using a Robust TMS
210- Unclaimed Property – The Top Ten Things Financial Professionals Should Know
211- Take Control over your Cash like a Superhero!
213- What if You Could Streamline Treasury Onboarding by Changing Just One Thing?
215- Translating the Druids: What Treasury Ought to know about Tax

Wednesday, 4:00

Keeping it Under Control: A Calculated Look at Risk
Every business, regardless of size or industry, should have stringent internal oversight and controls implemented to ensure they are compliant with current laws and regulations and to help identify and manage risk to their infrastructure, their employees and their customers. On the flip side, by streamlining processes, businesses can become more effective and efficient in managing their risk and control functions without diluting the customer experience.
Join J.P Morgan Commercial Bank’s Chief Control Officer, Julia Bates, and Treasury Services Sales Executive, Nancy McDonnell, for a fireside chat on best practices businesses can implement for “keeping it under control” by identifying risk, improving internal oversight, and managing regulatory compliance, all while improving the client experience. Discussion topics will include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI), RegTech and Compliance
  • Due Diligence 3.0: Know Your Customers’ Customer
  • Risk Assessment – Not a “One and Done”
  • Effectively Communicating An Internal Controls Agenda – It’s a Two-Way Street
  • Monitoring: A 24/7/365 Activity
  • Keeping it Under Control While Improving the Client Experience
    Julia Bates, J.P. Morgan
    Nancy McDonnell, J.P. Morgan
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